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Below is a list of "Spittle's, from around the world who have visited our site, giving details about themselves, a little family history, and how they can be contacted. I hope from this small beginning a "Larger Tree" will develop so that we may learn more about people with this unusual surname.
Also listed are sites that people may find interesting.

David Keith Spittle

Hello, My name is David "Keith" Spittle. I am 28 years old and I live in Monroe, North Carolina, USA. I am a machinist by trade but I am pretty much addicted to playing around on the internet. I was playing around with a web crawler search on my surname and came across your homepage. I have never really done any research on the history of my family name but found it interesting.
I knew that there was some kind of Scottish background but that was about all that I knew. For some reason I seem to be more and more interested everyday now. I visited a "Renaissance Festival" this past weekend and really did not know what to expect. When I arrived at the festival, I saw things that looked to be from Scottish and Celtic background and it just clicked to me that this was probably the exact same kind of atmosphere that my ancestors were from This thought made it even more interesting.
I also found it strange that this festival and finding your homepage are all coming about at the same time. It gives me the feeling that I need to learn more. I have never been much of a history "buff". I have always been more worried about things that are going on around me right now than the things of the past that I can't change anyway but even with those ideas in my head, the things that I am seeing, look very interesting to me.
The surname "Spittle" is not a very popular surname here and I had never really thought about it. Now it keeps bugging me, causing me to want to know more.....
. I don't really expect you to teach me the entire history of my family name. I just saw your homepage and the fact that you carry the same family name and the fact that you seem to have some interest in this kind of background. I just wanted to let you know that there is a small 'clan' of "Spittles" right here in the beautiful Carolinas of USA.

Reach me by ICQ. My ICQ# is 593175 or, * Page me online through my Personal Communication Center: (go there and try it!). For downloading ICQ at

Keith I almost forgot.... I am divorced with three children from my marriage. I live with a fiancee of three years who also has three children from a previous marriage. (It's a terrible reality that the divorce rate in the United States is so high). Her surname is "Smith". Our combined six children like to refer to themselves as the "S Bunch" and although I am not a webpage designer by no means, I have been putting a small page together showing pics of the "Bunch". It is a very slow loading page but feel free to check it out at:
E-mail him at

Albert C. Spittle Jnr.

Was quite surprised to Get all that information from your Site and very happy. My name is Albert C. Spittle, Jr. I am 76 years of age. My father was born in Leighton Buzzard Beds. 11-18-1893 he passed away in March on the 17th 1968. He moved to Canada as a young man. Met my mother and they had five children. Moved to the US in 1927, State of Michigan. I have 3 living sisters, Two in Mich. One in Minnesota. Thank you so very much for the information. I'm sure my 5 kids will love to read about some of their heritage. A.C.Spittle, Jr.

Albert C. Spittle's ( Sister)

Hi we chatted a couple of months ago, and I just wanted to keep in touch. My maiden name is Spittle, and our family came from Leighton Buzzard Beds in 1890, or the best of our recollection. My name is Lilian A Choler. My Father's name was Albert Charles Spittle. He had a sister living there after they moved to the States. I think her name was Dorthy Spittle. I lived in Michigan since I was a small child. If you would like to know anymore information, please feel free to write. I am very interested in genealogy, as well as my son and his wife. So any information you might pass along would be helpfull. Thanks again for your time.

Lilian Choler

Robert T. Spittel

I reviewed your web site covering the history of the Spittle sur-name, and found it most informative.
I have records showing that my Great, Great Grandfather Karl Julius Ferdinand Spittel resided in Stadtilm, Schwartzberg Germany somewhere before 1839. One of his four children, my Great Grandfather Johann Robert, was born on January 18,1838 and baptized in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Stadtilm on February 4, 1838. The family emigrated to the US in 1839, but I do not know there port of entry.
I was told that our branch of the family emanated from Ireland, but I have no information on when or how they got to Germany.I wonder if you might have any records that might help me out?
In addition, I would deeply appreciate getting a copy of the history of the sur-name that appeared on the web site. My address is as follows:

Robert T. Spittel 7 Colonial Heights Drive Ramsey, NJ 07446

I look forward to hearing from you.
Robert Spittel.

E-mail Robert at

Paul and Kelly Spittle

We were searching the Spittle name and found your website. Please send us more info. Paul and Kelley Spittle reside in Brooklyn, NY and would like to find out if any more Spittle's reside in the immediate area. Please respond to this e-mail address
Thank you.

Ali Daneshvari

Deborah Spittle

Dear Jan and Ash, I am also a Spittle - Deborah is my name. I live in Perth, Western Australia. There are a few of us here. Out origins go back to the convict days of Australia. But maybe we're related?
Good to see the Spittle name in other parts of the world. I'm new on the net - won't keeping chatting. All the best from down under.


Eva Spittle

Eva Spittle born in Northampton 24 December 1914. One of four children. Parents Margarita (nee Bita) born in Alexandria about1892. Father Alfred Frank Spittle born in Coventry about 1890.
He left his wife and children in 1918. Quite probably has another family somewhere. Eva is still alive and living in Western Australia and would be very interested in anything about the family. If you were to email me I could pass it on to her. There was no contact with her father after he left them in 1918.
Eva is the mother of a friend of mine and she has given me those details to pass on to you.
Greetings from Western Australia.

E-mail to Christian Dooley

Paul Spittle

Dear Ash,
Thank you for responding to our e-mail. We are excited about finding more information on our family tree. If you could help us we would appreciate it. Here are some details:

My name is Paul Spittle. Born July 5th 1966, Middlesbrough England. Father, Harvey Spittle, Born May 24th 1936 Stockton-on-Tees England. Mother, Ann Rose Briggs, Born August 6th 1942 Middlesbrough England. Unfortunately I have almost no information about anyone else from my father's side of the family. If you could help me in this matter or help locate any Spittles in New York City area we would appreciate it.
Yours enthusiastically,
Paul Spittle

Richard Spittle

Richard Spittle & family at wrote:
Greetings to Ash and Jan' My family resides in British Columbia, Canada. My parents immigrated here in 1954, from England. We will send further family history, at a later date. We are enjoying your web page. Thanks. Richard

Timothy Spittle

Timothy Spittle, e-mail at

Visit his home page from here wrote: are we related? Last century spittle's from Wolverhampton migrated to australia. Perhaps you might be able to fill in the gaps!

John J. Spittle III

John J. Spittle III, e-mail at wrote: History of the surname was very interesting and ties in with some of our branch's oral traditions. We must talk at a later date. Jon

Trevor Spittle

Trevor Spittle

Visit his homepage at wrote: Great site Interested in history. I work at AWF Raser which is a New Zealand operation of McKechnieplc, Birmigham. UK

Thomas Spittle

Thomas Spittle

Hi there. I have traced my direct Spittle liniage to Nova Scotia in the early 1800's to Robert Spittle. I am at a dead end from there.

Lee and Barbara Spittle

Lee & Barb Spittle

We came across your sight and found it quite interesting. We live in Binghamton, NY. We don't have a lot of information on my husband's grandfather. His name was Clarence E. Spittle and he divorced his wife back when divorce wasn't common. We've always wondered if he may have had any more children (besides my husband's father, Jim).
We know of no relatives on the Spittle side and would love to find out more.

Caroline Spittle

Caroline Spittle

Wonderful to read your very informative homepage!I have always wanted to know more about my strange sur name!

Chris Spittles

Chris Spittles

What a brilliant site. My family brought a book about our heritage with similar information but I congratulate you for spreading to the net. I only wish more people new what an interesting history our name has. All the best, don't give it up.

Jillian Spittles

Jillian Spittles

What a wonderful site. I've read information about our surname before but that helps fill in the gaps.
Very interesting to read the history. Some time ago while consulting a book of names a connection was made with a Geoffrey De Hospital. Has anyone heard of this before? E-Mail if you have any info.

Paul James Spittles

Paul James Spittles

According to records we've seen Spittles with an 's' is simply another variation of Spittel, Spittal, Spittle, and the name probably originated as a derivative of type or place of employment, as in a 'hospital worker.' Anyway, we're all related! At least, my husband Paul is. I will email what little I have when I can find it. We live at Cowra, NSW, Australia on the other side of the world!

Bruce Spittle

Great homepage and concept. I am related to John Spittle b1724 via Jonah b1765, Benjamin b1797, William b1823, John b1847 [arrived in Bluff,New Zealand Jan 1 1873], William b1877, and Frederick b1910.

William Spittle

William Spittle

Just found your site, and it is very interesting finding out about our surname. I live in Yorkshire, did a bit of research on my immediate family, found my ancestors came from Wolverhampton. Also found a lot more spittle's did as well.
Muriel Spittle

Jim Leiphart

My Mother, Muriel Spittle Leiphart, is a Spittle, almost 81 years old, and lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan. She is the daughter of James Edgar Spittle. James was born in Muncie Indiana, near Chicago. He and his father worked across northern Indiana early in the 1900's, looking to find their fortune in the rapidly expanding steel industry. They ended up in Highland Park, Michigan at the Ford Model T plant, and there met my grandmother, Carol Keily.

At Ford he was a Metallurgist. When Ford opened the Rouge plant, still one of the largest, if not largest, industrial complexes in the world, he moved to that location and continued his Metallurgy work. He retired from Ford in the late 1950's.

My Mother's brother, William Spittle, lived in Michigan and later moved to near Boston, Massachusetts, then to near Rochester, New York and later to Florida. He died about two years ago. He has three Spittle sons who live in Florida and North Carolina. And a daughter in Massachusetts.

My Mother only left behind 3 Leiphart children, my sister in Indianapolis, Indiana and brother in Connecticut outside of New York City.

I do have a question for you. I have heard that there is a town in the U.K. named Spittle. I don't know where - whether in England, Scotland or Ireland. Perhaps you know and you could share the information with me or even on your website. I heard the Bernie Taupin, Elton John's music and song writing partner for many years, was from there.

Thanks for the great website. Jim

Muriel Jean Spittle

Suzanne Carol Leiphart

My mother is Muriel Jean Spittle Leiphart.

Lachlan Spittle

Nice site. I was suprised to find a website that had a page devoted to the history of the Spittles.

Barbara Spittle

Barbara Martin(Spittle)

Nice to see such a lot of us around the world.

Megan Spittle

Megan Bramao

My maiden name is Megan Patrice Spittle and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. There are not many "Spittle"s (with that spelling) living in Christchurch and we are all related. My Grandmother has done quite a lot of research into our genealogy and it is interesting to read information on your site.


Nick Range

I have found you by accident but will pass details on. My mother's maiden name is Spittle and she is from Cheshire, England. I'm sure my cousins will also be interested.

Neil Spittle


Hello my name Is Neil Spittle my family comes from Wolverhampton. Although presently I live in he Nederland's. I was very Impressed with your site!!!! I dont know a thing about my family history!! So I would be glad If anyone could help me with any Information.

I see from your great spittle site that you hear from spittles from all over the world. my grandfathers brother, William spittle, went to Argentina in the 1880's , it would be very interesting to hear from any of his descendants. keep up the good work. best wishes. Pat (spittle_) Owen

Bryan Spittle

Nick Range

My name is Bryan Spittle and I am currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I was very interested in your great history of our surname.

I emigrated to Australia, in 1962 from London. I am married with two sons who were also interested in our history. I would be very keen to hear from you and any additional information you can supply. I still have two brothers in England, who are not on the internet, who would like to know more. Looking forward to your response.

Verlene Bell

Verlene Bel

Love this site! What a great idea, I have traced my family line back to my 3xGreat Grandfather, George Spittall - we actually have all different spellings on a number of documents. He was a convict sent from Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, England to Australia in 1832. He was born between 1801-1806. He named his parents as William Spittle and Elizabeth Lovessy - again the spelling differs for each. He married a convict woman, Hannah Todd in 1846 and had a number of children but only two sons survived to carry on the name - George born 1849 & William born 1857 both in the Bathurst, NSW area. Any one who is descended from these two please e-mail me. Thanks

Verlene Bell

Hi Ash & Jan I came across your site yesterday and thought "how great", I have always thought that anyone with this name (no matter how it's spelt) must be related somehow. I signed in at the guest book & wrote about my 3x Great Grandfather & how he had two sons survive to prosper, George & William. Well to inform you a little more - I descend from George born 1849 who had 2 daughters, Albinia born 1873 who married in 1893 Patrick Troy in Forbes NSW, Aust and Maude born 1877 who married in 1896 Ernest Rowe also in Forbes. If you have anyone contact you on these two Spittles women, I'd like to have them contact me, as I have no information on any of their descendents, leaving a gap in my Tree! The only son of George is who I branch from, he's also named George (a popular name in the family) born 1875 he married 1902 Alice Rose Bell (no relation to my husband's crew). Now they had 6 children, my Grandfather was the first born-William born 1903 married 1926 Annie Adams-they had 12 children! My dad was the 9th & there were only 2 girls in that dozen-not fair! Dad's name is Robert & he married Marlene Olsen-they have 5 children, only one son, we evened the odds in the next generation! There are quite a lot of us, I have 33 cousins 13 are Spittles boys-the next generation there are 75 with 17 Spittles boys-the next generation is 9 to date but none have the Spittles name (yet!). There are 2 siblings of William that we don't have much on & if you do have contact with anyone from them, again I'd like to have them reach me, if you don't mind. The details I have are: Mabel E Spittles born 1905 married 1923 Ludwig E Semmler and John Eric Spittles born 1912 married 1937 Ida Joyce Everson, my mother heard that John & Ida had something like 16 children! I'd love to make contact with someone from each of these families! Well I suppose that is it in a nutshell, I could of course go on and on but I think I've said enough for now. I'd love to hear from you & especially if you think there is someone that may be connected to me, I wait for any reply..... Take care Verlene (Spittles) Bell

John spittle

I come from Wednesbuy West Midlands fathers was Aaron Millington Spittle who came from Darlaston West Midlands.

Patricia Spittle Owen
Patricia Spittle Owen

My Spittle family came from Middlesex, London. We are descended from William Thomas Spittle who married Sarah Rolph in 1779

Heather Glennie

Heather glennie

My grandmother was a Christina Crawford Spittle she was born and raised in Perth Scotland she married a Alexander Cameron Keay. I am just setting out on tracing my maternal mothers family tree as very little info re names and birth dates etc are available . My husband has completed his family and i found it very interesting if anyone has any info on my grandmother that may give me a line to follow i would be very grateful

Paul Anthony Spittle

Paul Anthony Spittle

I was born in Luton, Bedfordshire and emigrated to New Zealand in 1985 with my wife and two boys, James now 21yrs and Adam 20yrs,I would like to congratulate you on your site, you have done a great job!

Lindsay Spittle

Lindsay Spittle

Hi, My name is Lindsay Spittle, originally from New Zealand and now living in Melbourne Australia. We appear to be related to the Spittle's who lived in Middlesex in the mid 1700's. Any information regarding 'old' or 'new' Spittle's who may be related, would be greatly appreciated.

Kirsty Carver Spittles

Kristy Carver Spittles

Great web page. Thanks for all the information. I live in Oregon, my grandfather Fred Spittles came to America as a young boy from England and settled in Kansas. Would be grateful for more information on my family

David James Ritchie Spittal

David James Ritchie Spittal

Thank you for his site. Family comes from the Spittal side of the surname. Father was born in Cardenden, Scotland and grandfather in Dunfermline. I am 59 years old and currently live in South Carolina U.S. Appreciate the information.

Wendy Phelps

Wendy Phelps

Have made contact with new Spittle 'cousins' from England and Australia. It is great to extend my family via sites like this. keep up the good work.

Pat Owen

Pat Owen

I see from your great spittle site that you hear from Spittles from all over the world. my grandfathers brother, William Spittle, went to Argentina in the 1880's , it would be very interesting to hear from any of his descendants. keep up the good work. best wishes. Pat (Spittle_) owen

Bill Spittle

Bill Spittle

My name is William Spittle from Charlotte, North Carolina in the States. I go by Bill. My wife, Brenda and I are beginning to search for my family roots and came across your website while on the Google search engine. It had today's date (March 3, 2009), but a lot of the entries seem like a few years ago. When reading the Spittle clan page I discovered an entry by my cousin James Leiphart who entered some history about his mom Muriel Leiphart Spittle. From his description the entry was made about 2000 as he mentioned my Dad's passing. Also my cousin Suzanne Leiphart made an entry right after Jim's.

Here's some added Spittle history from what my wife and I have discovered so far. My father was William James Spittle. His only sibling is Muriel Spittle. My grandfather was James Edgar Spittle. As the previous listing stated, he was born in Muncie, Indiana and was a steel man settling in Dearborn, MI working for Ford Motor Company. He had a sister, Lillian. His father was also James Edgar Spittle, mother was Sarah James. Believe they came from Sheffield, England. Sarah's father was Samuel James, and mother Mary Ann Ward. That's as far as we've gotten so far.

My Dad, William James Spittle was born in 1925 in Highland Park, MI. He married my mom, Shirley Louden in 1945. Dad passed away on June 30, 1998 in Sun City Center, FL. My mom is still living in Sun City Center. They had 4 children Nancy Carol born 1948, myself, William Clifford, born 1953, Thomas James, born in 1959, and Robert Allen, born in 1962. Nancy lives in Wendell, Massachusetts. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, Tom lives in Largo, Florida, and Bob lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our children: Nancy has 2 (Gabriel Drohen, and Brianna Drohen), I have 2 children from my first marriage, Abigail Spittle and Daniel Spittle. I remarried 4 years ago. Tom has twin sons, James & Jack Spittle and another older son who does not have the Spittle name. Bob has 2 sons, Tony and Billy.

So there is a bit of history from this small branch of the Spittle tree. We enjoyed reading the info on your site. I hope we can discover more history about our family name. Brenda has researched her family way back and she has learned how to dig and put pieces of info together to discover the right lineage.

Thanks for listening,

Bill Spittle.

Joshua David Spittle

Joshua David Spittle. J D

Hello, My name is Joshua David Spittle. I love the website, really informative. I was hoping to find out more about the surname. In my case it is somewhat difficult. I came to have the name being that it was my mother's maiden name, given to her by her father, Thomas Spittle, whom I never met. I joke a lot about it, because my mother married when I was young, so growing up I was always...and still am...the only Spittle I know. This was a big surprise to find a site with so many people, and from all over the world, with the same name. Well anyways, would love to hear more. Thanks.

William Spiddle

William Spiddle

I ,W. T. Spiddle, came across your link and would like to add information collected over the last few years.
A Thomas Spittle married Margaret Byrne circa 1830 and had five children, Patrick 1831, Thomas 1832, Mary 1835, Bridget 1839 and James 1845 . They were from Kilcrow Ireland.
The youngest James married Catherine Flynn and they had eight children, James JR. 1878, Thomas 1880 both born in Kilcrow Ireland. Then came
Mary Catherine 1883, Mary Elizebeth 1886, Margaret 1888, Elizebeth 1889, Joseph 1891, and my father William I Spittle 1896.After Thomas
all were born in Athy County Kildare Ireland.
William I. Spittle came to the United States by way of Canada ,at Niagara Falls, Aug 10 1925. They misspelled his name to Spiddle and that's the way it's been since. In April 1926 he married Bridget Mary Dromgoole and they had seven children.
I have one brother Patrick (deceased) and five sisters, Catherine, Margaret, Joan (deceased), Ann and Eileen.
You may use this information to add to the Spittle Clan!

Bill & Joan Siddle

Bill & Joan Spiddle

Hello I am William Thomas Spiddle 81 years old and retired to Florida. I have been trying to get information on the Spittle name for some time .Here is what I have. Thomas Spittle married Margaret Byrne They had five Children. Patrick 1831,-Thomas 1832,-Mary1835,-Bridget 1839 and James1845. James married Catherine Flynn in 1877 and they had eight children. James 1878,- Thomas1880 both born in Kilcrow Ireland then Mary Catherine1883,-Mary Elizabeth 1886,- Margaret 1888,- Elizabeth 1889, -Joseph 1891, and my father William Ignatious Spittle1896.They were Born in Athy county Kildare Ireland. William I. came to the Unites States ,through Canada at Niagara Falls, August 10 1925.They spelled his Name with two d's instead of t's So it became Spiddle. He married Bridget Mary Dromgoole and they Had seven Children.--Patrick James, William Thomas (myself), Catherine Mary, Margaret Ann, Joan Patricia, Ann Marie and Eileen Agnus.
If anyone has information on the Family from Kilcrow and Before We would appreciate it .Thank You

John Harrison

John Harrison

I was just researching some family history and came across your very interesting website. My maternal grandfather was Albert Spittle but no-one seems to know very much about
him. We think he was born in Middlesex, UK (possibly near Stains) about 1885. He married Alice Newmarch some time before WWI and had two children, Eileen (my mother) and Tom
who lives in Ipswich.
At some stage (in the 1930s?) he had a lengthy relationship with a woman in Bristol so there may well be a branch of the Spittle family there as well.
He died in 1943 at Exeter.
If anyone can shed further light on this branch of the family I would be very interested.


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